Robatel Technologies

A solutions provider to the global nuclear industry for more than 60 years

Hot Cells

Designing and fabricating unique hot cells for material research, isotope production, and nuclear medicine for over 60 years.

Custom Gloveboxes

We specialize in design and fabrication of complex glovebox systems used for waste processing and manipulation of irradiated materials and radioisotopes.

Transport & Storage Casks

Design, analysis, licensing, fabrication, testing, and maintenance of casks for radioactive materials since 1953.

Turnkey Projects

For a specialized need when off-the-shelf equipment does not exist, Robatel offers design and delivery of custom equipment and process lines.

Special Materials

From leadworking and neutron shielding materials for radioprotection, to phenolic foam for fire and impact resistance, Robatel offers a suite of special materials.

Custom Service Offerings

Engineering Design

From preliminary design and feasibility studies to calculations and analyses, we provide a variety of engineering services to meet our clients’ requirements.


With our in-house expertise in metal working, lead working, welding and machining, Robatel is ready to deliver custom-made or build-to-print solutions.


Robatel offers unparalleled expertise in the licensing of Type B packages around the world to either IAEA or US NRC regulatory requirements.

About Us

Robatel Technologies was established in 2009 as the US subsidiary of Robatel SA. We are in charge of Robatel’s development of the American Nuclear market. We specialize in design and fabrication of transportation and storage casks, hot cells, glove boxes, metallic structures, waste processing systems, and neutron shielding. Additionally, we design turn-key process lines comprised of multiple systems for unique applications.

Robatel has provided engineering services since 1830, and has embraced the nuclear field since 1953. Our technical capabilities include engineering design and calculations, regulatory approval expertise, fabrication, testing, and site operations. Our customer base is spread over Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Americas.

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A solutions provider to the global nuclear industry for more than 60 years